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Soft Skills - Career Readiness Course Pack

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The Soft Skills Career Readiness Course Pack bundles courses that target soft skills, mindsets, and critical thinking skills. These courses focus on traits that can help maintain a job, and possibly lead to a promotion. Soft Skills is an area that employers often see a lack in, especially in new, younger employees. These set of courses addresses that. Certificates of Completion are available for each course based on subscription level. Courses are accessed through EPDI's LMS. Course List 1. 10 Soft Skills You Need 2. Accountability in the Workplace 3. Assertiveness and Self-Confidence 4. Basic Bookkeeping 5. Budgets and Financial Reports 6. Business Etiquette 7. Civility in the Workplace 8. Collaborative Writing 9. Communication Strategies 10. Conflict Management 11. Creative Problem Solving 12. Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box 13. Critical Thinking 14. Developing Creativity 15. Digital Citizenship 16. Emotional Intelligence at Work 17. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done 18. Negotiation Skills 19. Organizational Skills 20. Personal Productivity 21. Self-Leadership 22. Sensitivity Training 23. Social Media in the Workplace 24. Teamwork and Team Building 25. Taking Initiative 26. Time Management

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